About The Artist

image I was born in the north of England, in Gateshead, in 1944. I studied at Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art between 1962 and 1970 and then at Moray House College of Education until 1971 after which I commenced a career as an art teacher lasting for thirty three years. I painted steadily throughout my teaching career, sometimes more, sometimes less, as the pressures of work and family life allowed. I exhibited regularly during the eighties, but rather less during the nineties. My goal eventually was to retire with enough enthusiasm and commitment left to enable me to begin a new career as an artist. I did just that in 2004. I found that a massive readjustment of thinking was required. The art world, I discovered, was fragmented and I did not fit comfortably into either camp. I am not a painter of slick, formulaic decor, making 'product' for a known market, nor am I deliberately obscure or difficult in what I do, I simply make paintings and prints which are recognizably within the mainstream of art and which are personal and meaningful to me.

My output is varied and not easily categorized. I am a painter, mainly in oil on canvas and panel, and an occasional printmaker. I see my work as a continuum, each work growing from the last, with sometimes seemingly insignificant images becoming part of a larger story.

My work

image During the summer months I produce landscapes, simple traditional impressions of what I see around me, almost always done in a single session and on location. Throughout the year I paint more personal things, the imagery arriving, often unplanned, from somewhere within me, but developing from my observation of the rural world in which I now live, and by an awareness of the art of the past. The whole is filtered and modified by memory, experience and imagination to make somthing, I believe, quite personal and individual. The dimensions of my work can vary from almost miniature to mural scale according to the demands of the subject, although I generally envisage the eventual home for my work to be in a domestic rather than a gallery setting. Recent sequences of work have drawn inspiration from, dancers, from my garden and the stream running through it from steps, stiles and tracks in the local landscape, and from references to artists of the past whose work I admire.